Camerata Quartet


Włodzimierz Promiński — I skrzypce
Andrzej Kordykiewicz — II skrzypce
Piotr Reichert — altówka
Rafał Kwiatkowski — wiolonczela

The Camerata Quartet

one of the most outstanding polish string quartets

„This Quartet as a unit and individually plays with a most beautiful tone of telling substance. It plays with imagination and beautiful colours, it is always very exact and clean in execution but above all, it plays with great musicality and sense of style.”

„This recording (Dvorak  op. 96 2, Walces, Smetana „From my life”) must rank amongst the very best of these two great Czech composers and I am sure, will give the public great pleasure” 

Prof. dr Siegmund Nissel (Amadeus Quartet)

„That  four players are both excellent players as well as musicians. One can ask for no more!”

Prof. dr Martin Lovett (Amadeus Quartet)

“Quintet (Schubert’s op. 163) brings forth the transcendental value of life and death.  To make this mystery audible to the audience, the musicians have to immerse themselves in the depths of perception and reach the heights of awareness.   Camerata Quartet and Marta Kordykiewicz from Poland  express just that and offer a profound interpretation, the intensity of which is achieved through sharp contrasts and inner drama that illuminate  the mystery and the awareness of time not only in Adagio and the Andante part of Scherzo.

(Pizzicato Franck’s Journal about Classical Music, 2nd of August 2016)

Włodzimierz Promiński

Włodzimierz Promiński

first violin

Andrzej Kordykiewicz

Andrzej Kordykiewicz

second violin

Piotr Reichert

Piotr Reichert


Rafał Kwiatkowski

Rafał Kwiatkowski





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